Dr. Jeffrey E. Sterling is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Initiatives, LLC, SI Medical Supply LLC and SIMPCO LLC. He is a public health pioneer and is the best-selling author of “There Are 72 Hours in a Day: Using Efficiency To Better Enjoy Every Part of Your Life.”

Sterling Initiatives (SI), a healthcare consulting and implementation firm, assisting entities incorporate best practices. SI has assisted health systems, health plans, state governments and medical practices in three-dozen states nationally. SI has gained particular notoriety for its work in creating “Centers of Excellence” among hospitals and other healthcare entities.

SI Medical Supply (SIMS) is a global master distributorship of medical, surgical and personal protective equipment featuring over 109,000 products. SIMS has been a major entity servicing governments, corporations and the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SIMPCO is America’s first managed preventive care organization. SIMPCO brings the suite of services of public health best practices and administers them to global communities. SIMPCO promotes community engagement, education and empowerment, all toward making healthcare more efficient and making citizens better stewards of their own health.

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