January 2022

We are at the end of January 2022, are you making the best of your time? 72 Hours Life Time Management Tools We all only have 24 hours in a day. No one has the power to slow down time, but we all know that person that can get the most out of every minute […]

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

How is carpal tunnel syndrome treated? In this post, we will address general, drug and surgical treatments. General · Treatments for CTS should begin as early as possible and under a doctor’s direction. · Underlying causes such as diabetes or arthritis should be treated first. · Initial treatment generally involves resting the affected hand and

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If you have carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) or are at significant risk for developing it, you really should learn strategies to either prevent, limit progression or treat the condition. Of course, once you develop it, you’ll be more focused on treatment. Fortunately, very good options exist for all of these. How can carpal tunnel syndrome


Get Regular Medical Care

Learn to screen. Learn to self-exam yourself. Commit to regular evaluations. Even if you don’t prevent cancer, early detection gives you the very best chance of recovery after treatment. Your health is your choice. Balance your life decisions in a way that allows you to enjoy yourself to the fullest while lowering your risks for

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Get Immunized

There are two specific immunizations that have definite benefit in cancer prevention. · Immunize against Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B can increase the risk of developing liver cancer. If you are sexually polygamous, have a sexually transmitted infection, are an IV drug user, a healthcare, public safety or other worker who might be exposed to blood

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Avoid Risky Behaviors

We’ll let rock and roll off the hook, but sex and drugs have direct links to cancer. Practice safe sex. If you’re not practicing safe sex (by using condoms, abstinence or at least limiting your number of sexual partners), you are more likely to contract HPV and/or HIV. The links of HPV and cancer are

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