March 2022

Eating Right While Traveling: Pack Healthy, Non-Perishable Snacks

EATING RIGHT WHILE TRAVELING Pack healthy, non-perishable snacks. No matter how you travel, you can keep eating healthfully with these simple options: · Whole or dried fruit. · Freeze-dried vegetables. · Nuts (pre-portioned into snack-size bags). · Nut butters (travel packs are great for planes). · Whole-grain pretzels, crackers and bread sticks. Trail mix. ·

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Ditch The Junk!

JUNK FOOD · In a word, no. See the above discussion on “empty calories”. Junk food (and you should include sugary drinks in this category) contains lots of calories and next to no nutritional value. Furthermore, it doesn’t make you feel full, so you tend to overeat, leading to more calories and more health risks.

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Watch The Salt!

· We get more than enough salt in our diets without adding salt. Lose the salt shaker! · Your dietary intake of salt should equal about one teaspoon of table salt a day, which you’ll obtain without thinking about it or ever adding additional salt. · Think you’re a good cook? Prove it. Lose the

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national Nutrition

Grains are not essential for good health. Any grains you eat should be whole grain. They are not as prone to increasing your risks for diabetes, and they better assist your weight loss efforts. Whole grains include products such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and whole grain pasta. Whole grains lower the risk of

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