Comment From A Vaccinated Person: Give Me Some Advice!

Here are four tips for your consideration.
1. Wear a mask. If you thought you got the vaccine to protect others, that’s not exactly true. You got vaccinated to prevent yourself from dying from COVID-19. You wear a mask to protect others from disease you may be carrying. You social distance to lower the risk of receiving disease others may be carrying.
2. Worried about breakthrough infections? Congregate with the vaccinated. Data shows the breakthrough transmission rate is way lower among communities with high vaccination rates. The rate among highly vaccinated communities is only about one in 10,000 people. Overall, it’s about one in 5000, meaning the highest risks for the vaccinated are had by congregating with the unvaccinated. Also, the severity of breakthrough infections is higher when transmitted from the unvaccinated.
3. Get your booster 8 months after your last dose. Unless you are immunocompromised or otherwise qualified to get an earlier booster, appreciate that the point of the booster is to provide longer lasting immunity. This is a more of a long-term play than a short-term boost. Rushing to go out and get it earlier misses the point.
4. Move with purpose. Your choices either increase or decrease your risk. You know a superspreader event or a high-risk activity when you see one. Avoid them.
Be safe. Buckle in. We’re still going to be here awhile.
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