New Year’s Resolution Guide

A guide to help you complete you new year’s resolutions
You call them New Year’s resolutions. We call it getting your health (and life) on a higher plane! Most resolutions involve healthy eating, exercise routines, smoking cessation and stress reduction. None of these endeavors are easy. All too often, they involve starts and stops with failure before success. It seems that the take-home messages are pretty clear.
· People choose these endeavors because they are the basics to preventing many illnesses and diseases and to enjoying a healthy life.
· Pursuing these efforts involves a lifestyle change. Quick fixes just won’t get it done, no matter how sexy or well-marketed the fad or gimmick is.
· Many of you had some success in the efforts you’re pursuing. Understand that difficulty, frustration and occasional setbacks are often part of the process. Fortunately, these setbacks don’t necessary define failure. Furthermore, they shouldn’t cause you to give up the pursuit of better health.
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