Louis W. Sullivan Founding Dean and First President of Morehouse School of Medicine

Saluting African-American Healthcare Pioneers
Louis W. Sullivan founding dean and first president of Morehouse School of Medicine
Louis W. Sullivan was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Sullivan earned his medical degree, cum laude, from Boston University in 1958. Dr. Sullivan held positions at Harvard Medical School and other facilities. In 1967, he founded the Boston University Hematology Service at Boston City Hospital and later was director of the Boston Sickle Cell Center.
Dr. Sullivan left Boston in 1975 to become the founding dean and director of the Medical Education Program at Morehouse College. In 1985, the Morehouse School of Medicine was fully accredited as a four-year medical school. In 1989, Dr. Sullivan took a leave of absence from Morehouse to become the 17th Secretary of Health and Human Services. As Secretary, Dr. Sullivan championed causes among vulnerable populations. He was a strong advocate for increased medical research pertaining to racial and ethnic minorities and the illumination of racial healthcare disparities.
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