April is National Minority Health Month

We will discuss what you can do to get active and stay healthy. Thank you to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Office of Minority Health (OMH) for providing this valuable information. “Without health and long life, all else fails.” – Dr. Booker T. WashingtonApril is National Minority Health Month (NMHM) Disparities are abnormal outcomes of a different variety. Disparities in healthcare lead to premature development of disease and death. The culprits are often insufficient access to care, culture barriers, habits and even discriminatory practices. It is critical for all involved, i.e., individuals, healthcare planners and practitioners, to understand these causes so that everyone can adjust habits and apply resources to combat this health hazard affecting both individuals and communities. Dr. Booker T. Washington recognized that health is the key to progress and equity in all other things. Accordingly, he proposed the observance of “National Negro Health Week” in April 1915. He called on local health departments, schools, churches, businesses, professional associations and the most influential organizations in the African-American community to “pull together” and “unite… in one great National Health Movement.” That observance grew into what is today a month-long initiative: National Minority Health Month. This effort seeks to advance health equity across the country on behalf of all racial and ethnic minorities. 




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